Boq Talking to Nessarose

Oh Nessa– I lost my heart to Glinda the moment I first saw her, you know that.

Glinda Holding Her Wand And Standing Tall

Don’t you see, he was never going to harm me, he just– He loves her–


1: a feeling of deep romance or attachment to someone
2: a great interest and pleasure in something, someone, or self

Recall three moments or characters in WICKED that exemplify “Love.” What about these moments or characters exemplifies “Love” to you?

Identify someone in your own life who exemplifies “Love” to you and others. What about this person’s actions or characteristics exemplifies “Love” to you?

When have you encountered examples of “Love” in your community? What thoughts or feelings arise when you recall these moments? List three ways that you continually practice “Love” in your community, home, and personal life.

WICKED’s national partner The Trevor Project has resources for learning more about “Love.”

Your Thoughts on Falling in Love” and “Love and Romance” from, Family Equality Council, Love Has No Labels, and have resources and tools for learning more about “Love.”

We encourage you to visit these sites and explore!

“I see ‘Love’ embodied when Fiyero threatens Glinda’s life to save Elphaba’s and while he is apprehended, she urges the guards to let him go. She chooses love and compassion as she recognizes that he would never have hurt her, and that he in fact just loves Elphaba enough to fight for her.”

– Jennafer Newberry, WICKED Company Member

Glinda Standing Looking Sad and Worried