Equality & Justice In Action

Elphaba Holding Broom and Standing Tall

As someone told me lately: ‘Ev’ryone deserves the chance to fly.’

Fiyero Holding a Lantern and Guiding Elphaba

Well, I can’t just stand here grinning, pretending to go along with all this!


Equality:the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities
Justice:treatment or behavior that is based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair

Recall three characters or moments in WICKED that display examples of “Equality & Justice in Action.” What about these characters or moments displays “Equality & Justice in Action” to you? 

Identify a moment in your life where you witnessed an example of “Equality & Justice in Action.”  What thoughts or feelings did this instance bring up for you, and how do you feel now when you reflect back on this instance?

When have you encountered instances of “Equality & Justice in Action” in your community? What are some possible action steps you can take to continually practice “Equality & Justice in Action” in your community, home, or personal life?

WICKED’s national partner Equal Justice Initiative has public education resources for learning more about “Equality & Justice In Action.”

Speaking of justice, WICKED’s national partner Broadway Green Alliance has great resources to practice climate justice and sustainability!

ACLU, Brennan Center for Justice, Race Forward, Human Rights Campaign, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice have resources and tools for learning more about “Equality & Justice in Action.”

We encourage you to visit these sites and explore!

“I see ‘Equality & Justice in Action’ in Elphaba’s pursuit to bring attention to what’s happening to the animals of Oz — bringing the issue to the attention of the Wizard and even taking action towards change into her own hands when she doesn’t see justice.”

– Alicia Newcom, WICKED Company Member

A Serious Elphaba Talking to Doctor Dillamond