Goodness vs. Wickedness

Elphaba Wearing Her Witch Hat Reaching Toward the Camera

Was I really seeking
Good or just
seeking attention?

Glinda Holding Wand and Smiling

Let us rejoicify that
could subdue the wicked workings of you-know-who.
Isn’t it nice to know that good will conquer evil?


Goodness:the quality or state of being good
Wickedness:the quality or state of being wicked
Good:of a favorable character or tendency
Wicked:morally very bad; evil

Recall three characters or moments in WICKED that display examples of “Goodness vs. Wickedness.” What about these characters or moments display “Goodness vs. Wickedness” to you?

Identify a moment in your life where you experienced or observed an example of “Goodness vs. Wickedness.” What thoughts or feelings arise when you reflect back on this moment?

When have you encountered instances of “Goodness vs. Wickedness” in your community? List three ways that you can continue to discern “Goodness vs. Wickedness” in your community, home, or personal life. In addition, list three ways you can continue to practice “Goodness vs. Wickedness” in your community, home or personal life.

WICKED is proud to partner with non-profit organizations that change the world For Good. Check out our national partners Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Broadway Green Alliance,, The Trevor Project, Equal Justice Initiative, and V-Day for resources, tools and to learn more about “Goodness vs. Wickedness.”

We encourage you to learn more and get involved!

“I see the struggle of “Goodness vs. Wickedness” within the character of Glinda after Madame Morrible forces her to examine her choices with the speech:

“Now you listen to me, Missie. The rest of Oz may have fallen for that ‘aren’t I good’ routine, but I know better. You wanted this from the beginning! And now you’re getting what you wanted. So just smile, and wave, and shut up!”

This realization shifts her gears and propels her to ask forgiveness and repair her friendship with Elphaba.”

Sharon Sachs, WICKED Company Member

Glinda Addressing the Citizens of Oz During "Thank Goodness"