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Enjoy your favorite Emerald City scenes
as you chat with friends and family!


5 Zoom Backgrounds. The First is a Photo of Elphaba Defying Gravity. The Second is a Photo of Glinda Floating in her Bubble With the Text "It's Good to See Me Isn't It?" The Third is a Photo of the Curtain and the Dragon Mounted on the Stage. the Fourth is a Photo of Elphaba, Glinda, and the Ensemble in the Emerald city. and the Fifth in the Center is the Whispering Witches Art with the text "Greetings from Oz!"

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Create your own customizable WICKED gifs
featuring unique Ozian backgrounds and quotes

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Sample GIFs With the Text "Defy Gravity."
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Choose from a number of WICKED themed
backgrounds to defy gravity at any hour of the day.

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