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General Inquiries back to top
  • What is the running time of the show?

    2 hours and 30 minutes, plus a 15-minute intermission.

  • Where is WICKED being performed and how do I get to the theatre?

    WICKED is being performed at the Gershwin Theatre and is easily accessible.

    Click here to view a map.

  • What is the performance schedule?

    The performance schedule varies. Click here to visit the tickets page and view the schedule.

  • What is the recommended age for children?

    Recommended age for children is 8 and up. The Gershwin Theatre welcomes patrons ages 5 and older. As a courtesy to our guests, children under the age of 5 will not be permitted in the theatre. Please be aware that all patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket.

  • What should I wear to the show? 

    There is no specific dress code at the theatre. For all performances, attire should be comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. Please remember the theatre is air conditioned during the summer months.

  • What time should I arrive at the theatre?

    Doors open 45 minutes before show time; to allow time for security and bag inspection on your way in, we recommend arriving no less than 15 minutes before show time.

  • What is the seating procedure for latecomers?

    The seating procedure for latecomers varies by seat section. Generally speaking, late patrons who are seated in the orchestra may be held in the lobby until approximately twenty minutes after the performance begins. They are then escorted directly to their seats by an usher. 

  • Are there devices for the hard-of-hearing?

    Yes. Devices are available free-of-charge on the second level of the theater, as well as hand-held captioning devices for the deaf and audio descriptions devices for the blind.

    The Gershwin Theatre is also equipped with an Induction Loop System for patrons with telecoil equipment. Hearing aid users simply need to switch their hearing aids to “T”  to enjoy direct transmission of the performance audio rather than using a separate device.

    For a full list of accessibility features visit: http://theatreaccess.nyc/shows/1617/Wicked.

  • Are there translation devices?

    Yes. Audien™ Translation System devices are available for $10 on the second level of the theatre - currently offered in Japanese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Mandarin and Korean - you can rent a headset and get a running synopsis of the show in these seven languages.

    Reservations of the Audien™ Translation System are highly suggested. To reserve, pre-purchase, or for more information please visit www.soundassociates.com/products/audien.

    For a full list of accessibility features visit: http://theatreaccess.nyc/shows/1617/Wicked.

  • What are the options for physically disabled guests?

    There are designated wheelchair and companion seats in the rear of the Orchestra section on the third floor and the mezzanine section on the fourth floor. These locations are the ONLY ones that do not involve steps. The third and fourth floors are accessible via the main lobby elevator that is designated for guests with disabilities. Theatre representatives are available to meet with patrons with disabilities in the lobby of the building to escort them to designated wheelchair accessible areas via elevators or escalators. The front orchestra level of the theatre is not accessible by elevators and escalators.

  • Is the theatre wheelchair accessible? Is there different pricing?

    Yes. Wheelchair seating is available for purchase on the website or in person at the box office for wheelchair patron plus one companion. 

  • What is the policy on guide dogs and service animals?

    Although animals are not permitted in the theatre, an exception is made for guide dogs and service animals. Please inform your ticket sales representative if any accommodations are required.

  • Are there security personnel at the theatre?

    For the protection of all patrons, theatre managers and private security personnel are on duty during all performances.  All bags are inspected upon arrival.  Luggage, shopping bags and other large packages that will not fit comfortably with you at your seat will not be checked or allowed inside the theatre.  For your convenience, please make other arrangements for these items before arriving.  

Tickets FAQ back to top
  • What’s the best way to get tickets?

    Tickets to WICKED may be purchased at the Gershwin Theatre box office, online through Ticketmaster.com or by phone at 877-250-2929.

  • How will I receive my tickets?

    Purchasers have 3 delivery options when purchasing WICKED on Broadway tickets from our website or Ticketmaster: Standard Mail, Will Call, and Mobile Entry. These options will be presented during the check-out process. There, you will be able to choose your preferred method of receiving your tickets. Please note that not all options will be available at all times or to international purchasers. Please visit here for more information regarding Mobile Entry.

  • What are the Box Office hours?

    Monday:  10:00am – 8:00pm
    Tuesday –Saturday: 10:00am – 8:30pm
    Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

  • How long will the show be running and how far out are tickets on sale?

    The show is open-ended and tickets are on sale through January 6, 2019 for single tickets.

    Group tickets are currently on sale through November 18, 2018.

  • I live outside of the USA – can I still order my tickets online through Ticketmaster?

    Yes, you can order tickets online but you will probably need to pick up your tickets in-person at the box office. If the billing address for your credit card is not within the United States or Canada, Ticketmaster will be unable to mail or ship your tickets.

    When purchasing tickets, you will need to switch the tab on the delivery page from USA to Other Country and select International Will Call as your delivery method. Based on the selection of this delivery method, you will be presented with a list of countries when entering your billing address, rather than states or provinces. Your tickets will then be held at the venue's box office “will call” window on the event date. In order to receive your tickets, you must present the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets, picture ID, and the Ticketmaster order number issued to you during the sale. The “will call” window at the box office is located near the main entrance.

  • Which performances have better ticket availability?

    Please refer to the performances highlighted in gold on our performance calendar here.

  • Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?

    Tickets go on sale approximately 8 months before the performance. You will get the best price if you buy in advance – as the performance date approaches and availability tightens, the prices will often go up, so plan ahead if you can.

    We encourage guests to purchase tickets in advance to ensure the best seating locations, however seats remain on sale until performance time, based on availability.

  • Can I get tickets on the day of the performance?

    Premium tickets are usually available on the day of performance. Other tickets may be available, but there’s no guarantee. If you wait until the day of performance, your best bet is to go right to the box office to get the best price on whatever is still available.

  • What is a premium seat?

    Premium seats are the best seats in the house and are generally in the first twenty rows center orchestra (or just off the center aisles on either side), or the first two rows of the front mezzanine. They are the most expensive seats, but the orchestra premiums provide the best view of faces and production details, and the front row mezzanine premiums provide the best view of the whole spectacle of WICKED.

    Even when the show is sold out, there are usually premium seats available right up to the night of the performance. Click here to purchase premium seats.

  • What is stadium seating?

    Stadium seats are in the back half of the orchestra of the theatre, and start as low as $99 on weeknights. These have great sightlines due to the rake of the seating, and are great for families with children. Many people say that these are the best deal at WICKED

  • What are the differences between the orchestra and mezzanine levels of the theatre?

    Orchestra seats are on the lower level of the theatre.

    Front Mezzanine seats are at the front of the upper level of the theatre (Rows A-E). On a big spectacular show like WICKED, they provide a great view of the whole production. Be aware that there is a low safety bar in front, which means the front row may not be ideal for short patrons or children.

    Mid Mezzanine seats are in the middle of the upper level of the theatre (Rows F-G) – however, there are a limited number of these seats available and they sell out quickly. These also have a great view of the whole production.

    Rear Mezzanine seats are in the back of the upper level of the theatre (Rows H-M); however, again, there are a limited number of these seats available, and they also sell out quickly. These also have a great view of the whole production, and are always the most economical choice.

    Please note that, within the range of tickets shown, the lower prices are generally on weekday performances (Tuesday through Thursday) and non-holiday weeks. During the summer, the lower prices are generally on matinee performances (Wednesday and Saturday).

  • How do I choose the right seat for me at WICKED?

    We have seats at all price points. The best seats at the best prices will always be available at the box office or through Ticketmaster – both have the same inventory of tickets. If you buy your tickets in person at the box office you can save the service fees. Please remember that, if you buy tickets through brokers or third party sellers, there will always be higher markups tacked on, with no guarantee of seat location. NEVER buy tickets on the street – they may be counterfeit, and if so, will not be honored at the theatre.

    Please be advised that each patron must have a printed ticket to enter the theatre. The Gershwin Theatre box office cannot print tickets purchased from a third-party website and is unable to scan tickets from your mobile phone.

  • If the show I want to see is sold out, what can I do?

    When the show is sold-out, a limited number of tickets for that day’s performance may get released for sale at the box office right before show time. The number of tickets available varies per show and are available on a first come first served basis on the cancellation line.

  • What is the cancellation line and how does it work?

    When the show is sold-out, a very limited number of tickets for that day’s performance may get released for sale at the box office right before show time. To purchase released tickets you must stand in the cancellation line at the box office on the day-of-performance only. Standing in the cancellation line does not guarantee a ticket. The number of tickets available varies per show and are available on a first-come, first-served basis to patrons waiting in the cancellation line.

  • How does your lottery work?

    A day-of-performance lottery for 26 select orchestra seats for $30.00 each will be held daily. Each day, 2 ½ hours prior to show time, people who present themselves at the Gershwin Theatre box office will have their names placed in a hat. 30 minutes later, names will be drawn for 26 orchestra seats at $30.00 each. This lottery is available only in-person at the box office, with a limit of two tickets per person, cash only. Photo-ID required. Participants may enter their names ONE TIME ONLY PER PERFORMANCE; anyone who is discovered to have multiple entries will be disqualified and tickets will be revoked.

    A limited number of tickets are available through the digital lottery, which opens at 8:00 PM the evening before the following day's performance(s) and remains open until 10:00 AM (matinee) and 1:30 PM (evening), respectively, when winners are drawn. Tickets are $35 each, including the facility fee. Winners will be notified by email shortly after each drawing and will have 60 minutes to pay for their tickets with a credit card online.

    Tickets can be picked up at the Gershwin Theatre box office 30 minutes prior to show time. Photo ID is required for pickup, and seat locations awarded are subject to availability. May not be available for all performances. For details and entrance to the digital lottery, click here.

  • Are there lower-priced tickets available?

    Yes. There are a limited number of partial-view side orchestra tickets from $79-$129, depending on performance. These tickets can be purchased in advance at the box office, online at www.ticketmaster.com and over the phone, 877-250-2929. In these seats, you will miss some of the entrances and exits, as well as scenic elements at the back or side of the stage; however none of the primary action of the show will be missed.

  • Are there military rates available?

    Yes. Tickets at the military ($79) rates are available in-person at the Gershwin Theatre box office with a valid military ID. Tickets at the military rate are also available online at www.GovX.com. Subject to availability. Limit 2 tickets per ID. 

    Tickets at the Military rates are currently available for Sunday - Thursday evening performances April 10 - May 25. Please check our calendar for the performance schedule.

  • Are there student rates available?

    Yes. Tickets at the student ($69) rates are available in-person at the Gershwin Theatre box office with a valid college, university ID. Limited 2 tickets per ID.

    Tickets at the Student rates are currently available for Sunday - Thursday evening performances April 10 - May 25. Please check our calendar for the performance schedule.Our student ticket dates that are updated regularly apply to single tickets only, not groups.

    Student Group Tickets range from $55-$79 and are located in the Rear Mezzanine and Rear Orchestra. 

    For questions about student groups, please see the Groups FAQ’s below.

  • What is the refund/exchange policy?

    The Gershwin Theatre does not provide ticket refunds or exchanges.

  • In the event of a cast replacement, will a refund be granted?

    Refunds are not granted in the event of cast replacements.

Premium & VIP FAQ back to top
  • What are Premium tickets?

    Premium seats are the best seats in the house and are generally in the first twenty rows center orchestra (or just off the center aisles on either side), or the first two rows of the front mezzanine. They are the most expensive seats, but the orchestra premiums provide the best view of faces and production details, and the front row mezzanine premiums provide the best view of the whole spectacle of WICKED. Even when the show is sold out, there are usually premium seats available right up to the night of the performance.

  • How much are Premium tickets?

    Premium tickets range from $202.00 - $302.00.

  • How do I purchase Premium tickets?

    Premium tickets are available for purchase on the Premium Tickets and VIP Packages page.

  • Which performances am I able to purchase Premium tickets?

    Premium tickets are available for every performance.

  • What are VIP Packages?

    VIP Packages are exceptional, one-of-a-kind experiences to add to your performance of WICKED.  They all include premium orchestra seats, merchandise, and a complimentary drink at intermission.  Select packages also include pre-theater dinner, meet & greets with cast members and backstage tours.

    There are currently two VIP packages available: The Wizard Will See You Now and Emerald City. They range in price from $500 to $1000 per ticket.  For more information on VIP packages, please visit the Premium Tickets & VIP Packages page.

  • How do I purchase a VIP Package?

    VIP Packages are subject to availability on select performances. Visit the Premium Tickets & VIP Packages page for details on how to purchase, including pricing.

Groups FAQ back to top
  • How do I purchase Group tickets?

    Group tickets are available for purchase by making an online reservation or by calling 646-289-6885 / 877-321-0020.

  • What is the minimum requirement to purchase group tickets?

    The group minimum is 15+

  • How much are Group tickets?

    Prices for group tickets in the Orchestra/Front Mezzanine range from $99.00-$174.00. Tickets in the Rear Orchestra (select performances) range from $85.00-$141.00. Tickets in the Mid Mezzanine range from $75.00-$130.50. Tickets in the Rear Mezzanine range from $60.00-$130.50. 

  • When are group tickets available?

    Group tickets are currently available for all performances through March 11, 2018 (some blackout dates may apply). 

  • Are there special group rates for students?

    Yes. Tickets at the student ($69) rates are available in-person at the Gershwin Theatre box office with a valid college, university ID.

    Our student ticket dates that are updated regularly apply to single tickets only, not groups.

    Student Group Tickets range from $55-$79 and are located in the Rear Mezzanine and Rear Orchestra. 

  • Is there a study guide available for teachers or group leaders?

    Yes. Request one by sending an email to groups@321mgt.com.

  • What opportunities and promotions are there for groups?

    Opportunities offered to groups include: Behind the Emerald Curtain tours, talkbacks with the cast (in return for a contribution to Broadway Cares) and customized workshops.

    Visit the Groups page for information on current promotions. 

  • Are there translation devices available for Groups?

    Yes, you can rent a headset and get a running synopsis of the show in these 7 languages -  French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean. 

    Groups of 10 or more can receive 20% off all translation units.  Just visit www.soundassociates.com/products/audien and enter the quantity.  You will automatically receive your discount!

Broadway FAQ back to top
  • Who are the current cast members in the show?

    For information on the current Broadway cast of WICKED, click here.

  • Are there any hotels that offer special WICKED packages?

    We do have special offers. Please see our Partners page for more information.

  • I’m driving into New York City – where can I park?

    There are many paid parking lots and garages in and around Times Square area. Please see our Partners page for parking lots nearest to the Gershwin Theatre.

    ABM Parking Services, which is located directly adjacent to the theatre, offers a discounted rate for WICKED patrons. Please click here for a coupon. Note: You must have a printed coupon to receive the discounted rate. ABM cannot accept a coupon on your mobile device.

  • Where can I eat before (or after) the show?

    There are many restaurants located in or near the Theater District. Visit our Partners page for more information on drinks, desserts, and discounts from our partners.

  • Are there concessions inside the theatre?

    Yes. Soft drinks, water, cocktails, ice cream and candy (no food) are available before the show and during intermission.

  • Is it possible to meet cast members when I’m at the show?

    Part of the fun of going to a Broadway show is meeting members of the cast at the Stage Door. Following the performance, some actors may be available to sign autographs and sometimes even pose for photos. Ask an usher for directions to the Stage Door.

  • How do I send a letter to a cast member?

    Our cast members love to hear from you, but we cannot guarantee that all letters will receive a response. You may send correspondence to:

    [Cast Member Name]
    c/o WICKED
    Gershwin Theatre Stage Door
    242 West 51st Street
    New York, NY 10019

  • Where can I find the cast recording?

    The original Broadway cast recording is available at the theatre or online at wickedthemusicalstore.com

  • Where is show merchandise available?

    Most merchandise is available in the lobby during the following hours. A full selection is also available in the upper lobby 45 minutes before show time and available 24/7 online at wickedthemusicalstore.com

    Monday: 3:30 - 5:30pm
    Tues: 3:30 - 5:30pm
    Wed: 11:00am - 12:30pm
    Thurs: 4:30 - 6:30pm
    Fri: 4:30 - 6:30pm
    Sat: 10:00 - 12:30pm
    Sun: Dark 

  • What do I do if I lost something at the theatre?

    If you have lost something while at the theatre, please call 212-586-6510 for the lost and found.

Tour FAQ back to top
  • How do I find out when the show is coming to my city?

    For the latest tour information, please click here

  • Why isn’t my city on the list of tour engagements?

    New cities are announced continuously. Please check back frequently for all the latest touring information.

  • What’s the best way to get tickets?

    We recommend purchasing tickets through the venue. For early access to tour tickets before they go on sale to the general public, become our fan on Facebook and stay tuned for pre-sale code announcements.

  • How long are the touring shows?

    2 hours and 30 minutes, plus a 20-minute intermission.

  • Who are the current cast members of the tour production of WICKED?

    For information on the current cast of the tour production of WICKED, click here and select "MUNCHKINLAND TOUR" from the drop-down menu.

  • What is the recommended age for children?

    Recommended age for children is 8 and up. Please be aware that all patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket.

  • How can I learn more about WICKED in my city?

    If you have specific questions about the city and theatre where WICKED is playing, click here and then click on the venue name for more information.

Behind the Emerald Curtain FAQ back to top
  • What is Behind the Emerald Curtain?

    Behind the Emerald Curtain is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at WICKED run by WICKED cast-members. Participants take a guided tour through the unique Behind the Emerald Curtain Museum. Each event concludes with a Q+A session with cast members, where you will have the opportunity to find out more about WICKED and show business. 

  • Where does Behind the Emerald Curtain take place?

    Behind the Emerald Curtain is located in the upper lobby of the Gershwin Theatre (222 West 51st Street)

  • How long does the tour last?

    The tour runs 90 minutes.

  • How much are tickets to Behind the Emerald Curtain?

    Tickets to Behind the Emerald Curtain cost $33.00.

  • How do I purchase tickets for Behind the Emerald Curtain?

    Tickets may be purchased at Ticketmaster.com and are also available at the door 30 minutes prior to the tour on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Am I able to reserve tickets for a group?

    Yes. Special rates apply for groups of 15 or more.  Please email groups@321mgt.com to reserve. 

  • Is there a minimum age requirement for this tour?

    The recommended age range for this tour is 10 and up. Younger children may attend, but no one is admitted without a ticket.

  • Am I able to purchase show merchandise at Behind the Emerald Curtain?

    Yes. Regular show merchandise is available, as well as exclusive merchandise for Behind the Emerald Curtain is available for purchase at the end of the tour.

  • Does this tour include a visit backstage?

    No. Behind the Emerald Curtain DOES NOT include a backstage visit.

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Glinda, a Boa Bruxa, anuncia aos cidadaos de Oz que Elphaba, a Malvada Bruxa Verde do Oeste, esta morta (“No One Mourns the Wicked”). (“ Ninguem Fica de Luto pela Malvada”).

Voltamos no tempo: a jovem Elphaba e sua irma tetraplegica, Nessarose, filhas do governador de Munchkinland, chegam a Universidade de Shiz (“Querida Velha Shiz’).

Elphaba e Glinda entram em conflito imediatamente quando Elphaba e convidada a participar da aula de bruxaria da diretora Madame Morrible, e Glinda nao. Elphaba, se entusiasma e se surpreende ao descobrir que pode ter talento para a magia, imagina como seria encontrar o Mago (“The Wizard and I”). ( “ O Mago e Eu”).

Os estudantes iniciam sua rotina em Shiz: as companheiras de quarto Elphaba e Glinda se detestam (“ What is the Feeling?”). (“Qual e o Sentimento?”).

Glinda e os outros estudantes prestam pouca atencao ao professor de historia, Dr. Dillamond, o bode falante. Somente Elphaba esta preocupada pela noticia de que em Oz, os animais que falam estao perdendo sua habilidade de falar.(“Something Bad”). (“Algo Ruim”).

Fiyero, o principe piscador, chega em Shiz e convida Glinda a dancar (“Dancing Through Life”). (“Dancando Pela vida”). Para escapar de seu persistente admirador Munchkin, Boq, Glinda o convence a acompanhar Nessarose. Quando a agradecida Elphaba leva Glinda para a aula de bruxaria, Glinda decide dar uma produzida social em Elphaba (“Popular”).

Elphaba fica desolada quando Dr. Dillarmond e preso e levado pelas autoridades. Ela testemunha um experimeto oficial do governo com um leazinho enjaulado e sua raiva solta um feitico, congelando todos na sala. Quando Elphaba e Fiyero libertam o aterrorizado leao na floresta, Elphaba percebe, surpresa, que esta atraida por Fiyero (“ I’m Not That Girl”). (Nao Sou Essa Garota”).

Madame Morrible informa que Elphaba foi convidada a ir a cidade de Emerald e conhecer o Mago (“ One Short Day”) .
(“ Um Dia Curto”); Elphaba convida Glinda para irem juntas. (“A Sentimental Man”). (“Um Homem Sentimental”). Com o pretexto de testar tecnicas de magia, o Mago desafia Elphaba a criar um exercito encantado de espioes para ele. Elphaba fica chocada quando descobre que o Mago encoraja um sentimento anti-animal para fortalecer seu proprio apoio politico. Como Madame Morrible a denuncia ao publico como a “malvada bruxa, Elphaba promete lutar contra a injustica do Mago… (“Defying Gravity”). (“Desafiando a Gravidade”).


Glinda e Madame Morrible sao agora parte da administracao do Mago, anunciando o compromisso de Glinda com Fiyero, que e responsavel pela captura de Elphaba. (“Thank Goodness”). (“Gracas a Deus”), Glinda parece feliz, mas pagou um preco pelo seu sucesso.

Em Munchkinland, Nessarose tornou-se Governadora. Elphaba vai ate Nessarose em busca de socorro e protecao, mas elas brigam e se separam. Elphaba retorna a cidade de Emerald, onde o Mago tenta convence-la a juntar-se a ele e comandar Oz. Ela fica tentada, mas recusa. (“Wonderful”).(“Maravilhoso”).

Depois de cruzar caminhos na cidade de Emerald, Elphaba e Fiyero se apaixonam e planejam suas vidas juntos (“ As Long As You’re Mine”). (“Enquanto Voce For Meu”). Elphaba tem uma visao perturbadora de uma casa que voa e corre para Munchkinland, e descobre que Nessarose se acidentou. Glinda e Elphaba se confrontam, quando Fiyero tenta intervir, uma furiosa gang poe ele pra correr. Elphaba jura tornar-se verdadeiramente malvada (“No Good Deed”), ja que suas boas intencoes so lhe trazem sofrimento. Enquanto isso, os cidadaos de Oz se preparam para destrui-la(“March of the Witch Hunters”). (“Marcha dos Cacadores de Bruxas”).

Elphaba escapa da gang, encontrando refugio no castelo de Fiyero em Kiamo Ko. Glinda a encontra la, e Elphaba sabe que a multidao logo ira segui-la. Elphaba entrega a Glinda seu Grimmerie, livro de feiticos, como simbolo de amizade, e as duas garotas reconhecem que essa amizade as tranformou (“For Good”). (“Para o Bem”).

Embora o final nao revelado possa parecer familiar, nunca nada e exatamente o que parece ser na terra de Oz...


Glinda, la Buena, les anuncia a los ciudadanos de Oz, que Elphaba, la Malvada Bruja del Oeste de piel verde, ha muerto (“No One Mourns The Wicked”/ “Nadie Lamenta A Los Malvados”).

Demos marcha atrás: Las hijas del gobernador de Munchkinland, las cuales son, la joven Elphaba y su hermana Nessarose, quien está atada a una silla de ruedas, llegan a la Universidad de Shiz (“Dear Old Shiz”/ “Adorado Antiguo Shiz”). Elphaba y Glinda chocan rápidamente cuando únicamente Elphaba es invitada al curso de hechicería impartido por la rectora Madame Morrible. Elphaba se siente sorprendida y emocionada por que descubre que tiene un talento para la magia y se imagina lo que sería conocer al Mago (“The Wizard and I”/ “El Mago y Yo”).

Los estudiantes se acostumbran a su rutina en Shiz: Elphaba y Glinda se odian mutuamente (“What Is This Feeling?”/ “¿Cuál Es Este Sentimiento?”). Glinda y los otros estudiantes le ponen poca atención al profesor de historia, el Dr. Dillamond, quien es una cabra que habla. Elphaba es la única que se preocupa por el aviso de que los animales están perdiendo la habilidad de hablar en Oz (“Something Bad”/ “Algo Malo”).

Fiyero, un príncipe del Vinkus, llega a Shiz e invita Glinda a bailar (“Dancing Through Life”/ “Bailando a través de la Vida”). Para deshacerse de su eterno admirador, un munchkin llamado Boq, Glinda lo convence de acompañar a Nessarose. Cuando Elphaba logra ingresar a Glinda al curso de hechicería como muestra de agradecimiento, Glinda decide hacerle una transformación que la hace más amigable (Popular/Popular).

Elphaba se siente consternada al darse cuenta que el profesor Dillamond es arrestado y llevado por las autoridades. Cuando ella ve a un funcionario del gobierno haciendo experimentos en un cachorro de león enjaulado, Elphaba se llena de ira y lanza un hechizo que congela a todos en la sala. Cuando Elphaba y Fiyero liberan al aterrorizado león en el bosque, ella se da cuenta que se siente atraída hacia Fiyero (“I’m Not That Girl”/ “Yo No Soy Esa Muchacha”).

Madame Morrible le informa a Elphaba que ha sido invitada a Ciudad Esmeralda a conocer al Mago (“One Short Day/Un Día Corto”); Elphaba decide llevar a Glinda consigo. (“A Sentimental Man”/ “Un Hombre Sentimental”) Bajo el pretexto de que está examinando los talentos de hechicería de Elphaba, el Mago logra que ella forme un ejército encantado de espías. Elphaba se sorprende al darse cuenta que El Mago ha fomentado un sentimiento en contra de los animales para fortalecer su poder político. En cuanto Madame Morrible la denuncia públicamente como la Bruja Malvada, Elphaba jura luchar en contra de las injusticias del Mago (“Defying Gravity”/ “Desafiando la Gravedad”).


Glinda y Madame Morrible son ahora parte de la administración del Mago y anuncian el compromiso entre Glinda y Fiyero (“Thank Goodness”/”Menos Mal”), el cual ahora está a cargo de la captura de Elphaba. Glinda parece contenta pero ha pagado un precio por alcanzar su éxito.

Nessarose es la nueva gobernadora de Munchkinland. Elphaba va donde Nessarose buscando ayuda y asilo, pero discuten y parten por caminos separados. Elphaba regresa a Ciudad Esmeralda donde el Mago trata de convencerla para que se unan y reinen Oz; Elphaba se siente tentada por un momento pero logra rehusarse (“Wonderful/Maravilloso”).

Luego de que sus caminos se cruzan en Ciudad Esmeralda, Elphaba y Fiyero caen profundamente enamorados y planean su vida juntos (“As Long As You Are Mine”/”Mientras Seas Mío”). Elphaba ve la perturbadora visión de una casa volando y regresa rápidamente a Munchkinland, solo para descubrir que Nessarose ha muerto aplanada. Glinda y Elphaba se confrontan y cuando Fiyero trata de intervenir, una enfadada multitud arremete en contra de él. Elphaba jura ser verdaderamente malvada (“No Good Deed”/ Ninguna Buena Acción”), ya que sus buenas intenciones solo han traído sufrimientos. Mientras tanto, los ciudadanos de Oz se disponen a destruirla (“March of the Witch Hunters”/ “La Marcha de Los Cazadores de Brujas”).

Elphaba logra escapar de la multitud y encuentra consuelo en Kiamo Ko, el castillo de Fiyero. Glinda la encuentra ahí y Elphaba sabe que la multitud pronto vendrá también. Elphaba le confía a Glinda su libro de hechizos, llamado El Grimorio, como muestra de su amistad y las dos reconocen que su amistad las ha cambiado (“For Good”/ “Para Siempre”).

Aunque el fin no es revelado, puede llegar a ser conocido, pero nunca es exactamente lo que parece en la Ciudad de Oz.


良い魔女グリンダが、緑色の肌の西の悪い魔女エルファバの死をオズの国民に告げます。(“ノー ワン モーンズ ザ ウィキッド”誰も悪い魔女の死を悲しまない) 

時はさかのぼります:マンチキンランド知事の娘達、若きエルファバと車椅子生活をするネッサローズがシズ大学に到着します。(“ディア オールド シズ” いとしいシズ) 学長のマダム・モリブルの魔法の授業に招かれたエルファバと、招かれなかったグリンダはすぐに対立するようになります。エルファバは自分に魔法の才能があるのかもしれないと気付くと、驚き、喜び、魔法使いに会う日を思い描きます。(“ザ ウィザード アンド アイ” 魔法使いと私 )

学生達のシズでの生活が始まります: ルームメイトのエルファバとグリンダはお互いを嫌がります。(“ワット イズ ディス フィーリング?”この気持ちは何?) グリンダと他の学生達は、歴史の教授で言葉を話すヤギのディラモンド博士の話にあまり集中していません。エルファバだけが、オズでは動物達の話す能力が失われつつあるという警告を知らされ、そわそわしています。(“サムシング バッド” なにか悪いこと)

ウィンキーの王子フィエロはシズに入学すると、さっそくグリンダをダンスに誘います。(“ダンシング スルー ライフ” 踊って過ごそう) グリンダは、しつこいマンチキンのボクから逃れようと、 彼にネッサローズをエスコートする様にと説得します。それに感謝したエルファバがグリンダを魔法の授業に招くと、グリンダはエルファバのイメージチェンジを手伝うことに決めます。(“ポピュラー”人気者)

ディラモンド博士が逮捕され追放されると、エルファバは取り乱します。そして檻に入れられた子ライオンを使った実験をしている役人を目撃すると、エルファバの怒りが魔力を放ち、部屋中みんなを凍らせてしまいます。エルファバとフィエロがその怯えたライオンを森に放した時、エルファバはフィエロに惹かれていることに気付き、驚きます。(“アイム ノット ザット ガール” その子は私じゃない)

マダム・モリブルはエルファバに、彼女がエメラルドシティに招待され、魔法使いに会いに行くのだと伝えます。(“ワン ショート デイ” つかの間の一日)エルファバはグリンダも一緒にと誘います。(“ア センチメンタル マン” 感傷的な男) 魔法使いは、魔術の腕前を試す振りをしてエルファバをだまし、魔法でスパイ団を作らせます。エルファバは魔法使いが政治的援護を強める為に、動物排斥の感情をあおろうとしていることを知りショックを受けます。マダム・モリブルが、エルファバは“悪い魔女“だと訴えると、エルファバは魔法使いの不公正に対して戦うと誓います。(“ディファイング グラビティ”重力に逆らって)


グリンダとマダム・モリブルは今や魔法使い陣営の一部になっています。エルファバ捜索を仕切るフィエロとグリンダとの婚約が発表されます。(“サンク グッドネス” ありがたい)グリンダは幸せそうですが、成功の代償は払っていました。

マンチキンランドでは、ネッサローズが知事になっています。エルファバは援助と隠れ家を探してネッサローズのもとにやって来ますが、2人はけんか別れしてしまいます。エルファバはエメラルドシティに戻ると、魔法使いから一緒にオズを支配しようと説得を受けます。エルファバは迷いながらも断ります。(“ワンダフル” 素晴らしい)

エメラルドシティで出逢ったエルファバとフィエロは恋に落ち、一緒に生きて行くことを考えます。(“アズ ロング アズ ユー アー マイン” あなたが私のものであるのなら) エルファバは空を飛ぶ家という気がかりな光景を目にし、マンチキンランドに急ぎますが、ネッサローズが下敷きになったと知らされます。グリンダとエルファバは向かい合います。フィエロが仲裁に入ろうとしますが、怒った群衆に阻まれてしまいます。自分の正しい意図は苦しみをもたらすだけど悟り、エルファバは真の悪になろうと誓います。(“ノー グッド ディード” 善行はすべて)同時に、オズ国民は彼女を殺そうと試みます。(“マーチ オブ ザ ウィッチ ハンターズ” 魔女狩りのマーチ”)

エルファバは群衆から逃げきると、キアモ・コのフィエロの城で慰めを見つけます。グリンダはそこでエルファバを見つけますが、エルファバは群衆がすぐに追って来ることを知っています。エルファバは友情の証にと、グリンダに魔力の本グリマリーを委ねます。そして2人はお互いに友情が2人を変えたのだと認識します。(“フォー グッド” 永遠に)



Glinda, die gute Hexe, gibt den Bürgern von Oz bekannt, dass Elphaba, die grünhäutige böse Hexe des Westens, tot ist. („No One Mourns the Wicked“ – Niemand weint den Bösen nach)

Wir begeben uns zurück in der Zeit: die junge Elphaba und ihre an den Rollstuhl gefesselte Schwester Nessarose, beide Töchter des Gouverneurs zu Munchkinland, kommen an der Shiz Universität („Dead Old Shiz“ – Das alte tote Shiz) an. Elphaba und Glinda verfallen sofort in Steit, als Elphaba und nicht Glinda in den Zauberunterricht von Direktorin Madame Morrible aufgenommen wird. Elphaba, die aufgeregt und überrascht zugleich darüber ist, dass sie womöglich ein Talent für die Magie hat, stellt sich vor, wie es wohl sein würde dem Zauberer zu begegnen („The Wizard and I“ – Der Zauberer und ich).

Die Studenten gewöhnen sich an den Alltag an der Shiz: Die Zimmerkameradinnen Elphaba und Glinda hassen einander („What is This Feeling?“ – Was ist das für ein Gefühl?). Glinda und die anderen Studenten hören ihrem Geschichtsprofessor, Dr. Dillamond - eine sprechende Ziege - nicht sehr aufmerksam zu. Allein Elphaba ist über die Warnung beunruhigt, dass in ganz Oz die sprechenden Tiere ihre Sprachfertigkeit verlieren („Something Bad“ – Etwas Schlechtes).

Fiyero, ein Prinz der Winkie, kommt in Shiz an und fordert Glinda zum Tanz auf („Dancing Though Life“ – Tanz durch das Leben). Um Boc, ihrem hartnäckigen Verehrer aus Munchkin, auszuweichen, überzeugt Glinda ihn, Nessarose zu eskortieren. Als die dankbare Elphaba Glinda mit in den Zaubereiunterricht einführt, entscheidet sich Glinda Elphaba eine gründliche soziale Veränderung zu bescheren („Popular“ - Beliebt).

Elphaba ist bestürzt als Dr. Dillamond festgenommen und von den Behörden fort gebracht wird. Als sie einen Beamten dabei beobachtet, wie er mit einem eingesperrten Löwenjungen herumexperimentiert, manifestiert sich ihre Wut in einem Zauber, der alle im Raum erstarren lässt. Als Elphaba und Fiyero den verschreckten Löwen in die Wildnis entlassen, bemerkt Elphaba zu ihrer eigenen Überraschung, dass sie an Fiyero gefallen findet („I’m Not That Girl“ – Ich bin nicht dies Mädchen).

Madame Morrible informiert Elphaba darüber, dass sie in die Edelsteinstadt eingeladen ist, um dort den Zauberer zu treffen („One Short Day“ – Ein kurzer Tag); Elphaba fordert Glinda auf mitzukommen. („A Sentimental Man“ – Ein sentimentaler Mann) Unter dem Vorwand einen Zauberspruch zu testen, bringt der Zauberer Elphaba dazu, ihm eine verzauberte Armee von Spionen zu erschaffen. Elphaba ist schockiert, als ihr klar wird, dass der Zauberer die Anti-Tier-Stimmung fördert, um seine eigene politische Macht zu verstärken. Als Madame Morrible sie vor der Menge als „böse Hexe“ verunglimpft, schwört Elphaba die Ungerechtigkeit des Zauberers zu bekämpfen („Defying Gravity“ – Der Schwerkraft zum Trotz).


Glinda und Madame Morrible, die beide Teil des Verwaltungsapparates des Zauberers sind, geben Glindas Verlobung mit Fiyero bekannt („Thank Goodness“ – Gott sei Dank), der seinerseits den Auftrag zur Jagd auf Elphaba hat. Glinda erscheint glücklich, hat jedoch für Ihren Erfolg bezahlt.

Nessarose ist zur Gouverneurin von Munchkinland geworden. Elphaba begibt sich zu Nessarose um Hilfe und Asyl zu finden. Sie streiten jedoch und gehen ihrer Wege. Elphaba kehrt in die Edelsteinstadt zurück, wo sie der Zauberer versucht davon zu überzeugen sich seiner Regentschaft von Oz anzuschliessen; sie ist versucht, lehnt jedoch ab („Wonderful“ - Wunderbar).

Nachdem sich ihre Wege in der Edelsteinstadt wieder kreuzten, haben sich Elphaba und Fiyero ineinander verliebt und planen ihr zukünftiges Leben miteinander („As Long As You’re Mine“ – So lang wie Du mein bist). Elphaba hat eine verstöhrende Vision eines fliegenden Hauses und beeilt sich nach Munchkinland zu kommen, nur um zu sehen, dass Nessarose vernichtet wurde. Glinda und Elphaba gehen auf Konfrontation; als Fiyero versucht einzugreifen drängt ihn ein aufgebrachter Mob davon. Elphaba schwört nun wirklich zum Bösen überzulaufen („No Good Deed“ – Keine gute Tat), da ihre guten Vorhaben immer nur in Leid enden. Währenddessen, machen sich die Bewohner von Oz auf um sie zu zerstören („March of the Witch Hunters“ – Der Marsch der Hexenjäger).

Elphaba entflieht der aufgebrachten Menge und findet Trost in Fiyeros Schloss in Kiamo Ko. Glinda findet sie dort und Elphaba ist sich dessen Gewiss, dass die Menge ihr bald folgen wird. Elphaba vertraut ihr ihr Zauberbuch, dass all ihre Sprüche enthält, als Zeichen Ihrer Freundschaft an und beide Mädchen kommen darüber überein, dass Ihre Freundschaft einander geändert hat („For Good“ – Auf immer).

Obwohl das nicht veröffentlichte Ende einem bekannt erscheint, so ist doch im Lande Oz nichts jemals exakt das, was es zu sein scheint...


Glinda, la bonne sorcière, annonce aux citoyens d’Oz qu’Elphaba, la sorcière maléfique de l’ouest à la peau verte, est morte («No One Mourns the Wicked» – «Personne ne pleure les méchants»).

Retour dans le passé: les deux filles du Gouverneur de Munchkinland, la jeune Elphaba et sa soeur Nessarose, qui est dans une chaise roulante, arrivent à l’Université de Shiz («Dear Old Shiz» – «Cher vieux Chiz»). Elphaba et Glinda entrent en conflit immédiatement lorsqu’Elphaba est invitée à faire partie du cours de sorcellerie de la directrice, Madama Morrible, alors que Glinda ne l’est pas. Elphaba, surexcitée et surprise de découvrir qu’elle a peut-être un talent pour la magie, imagine sa rencontre avec le Sorcier («The Wizard and I» – «Le sorcier et moi»).

Les étudiants se font à leur routine à Shiz: les camarades de chambre Elphaba et Glinda se détestent («What is This Feeling? » – «Quel est ce sentiment? »). Glinda et les autres étudiants prêtent peu d’attention à leur professeur d’histoire, Dr. Dillamond, une chèvre parlante. Seule Elphaba est troublée par l’avertissement qu’à Oz, les animaux sont en train de perdre leur capacité de parler («Something Bad» – «Quelque chose de mauvais»).

Fiyero, un Prince Winkie, arrive à Shiz et invite Glinda à danser («Dancing Through Life» – «Danser à travers la vie»). Afin d’échapper à Boq, son admirateur munchkin persistant, Glinda le convainc d’escorter Nessarose. Lorsqu’Elphaba, reconnaissante, parvient à faire entrer Glinda dans le cours de sorcellerie, Glinda decide de donner à Elphaba un relooking social («Popular» – «Populaire»).

Elphaba est bouleversée lorsque le Dr. Dillamond est arrêté et emmené par les autorités. Lorsqu’elle surprend un fonctionnaire du gouvernement en train de faire des expérimentations sur un lionceau en cage, la colère d’Elphaba déclenche un sort qui fige tous ceux qui se trouvent dans la pièce. Lorsqu’Elphaba et Fiyero relâche le lionceau terrifié dans les bois, Elphaba découvre avec surprise qu’elle est attirée par Fiyero («I´m Not That Girl » - « Je ne suis pas cette fille »).

Madame Morrible informe Elphaba qu’elle a été invitée à la Cité d’Emeraude pour rencontrer le Sorcier (« One Short Day » - « Une courte journée »). Elphaba invite Glinda à venir ave elle (« A Sentimental Man » - « Un homme sentimental »). Usant du prétexte qu’il veut tester ses capacités de magicienne, le Sorcier la dupe et lui fait créer une armée enchantée d’espions pour lui. Elphaba est choquée de découvrir que le Sorcier fomente les sentiments anti-animaux afin de renforcer son propre appui politique. Alors que Madame Morrible la dénonce publiquement comme une sorcière maléfique, Elphaba promet de combattre l’injustice du Sorcier (« Defying Gravity » - « Défier la gravité »).

ACTE DEUX Glinda et Madame Morrible font désormais partie de l’administration du Sorcier qui annonce les fiançailles de Glinda et de Fiyero (« Thank Goodness » - « Dieu merci »), lequel dirige la traque d’Elphaba. Glinda semble être heureuse, mais elle a payé le prix de sa réussite.

À Munchkinland, Nessarose est devenue Gouverneure. Elphaba demande aide et asile à Nessarose, mais elles se disputent et partent chacune de leur côté. Elphaba retourne à la Cité d’Émeraude où le Sorcier cherche à la convaincre de se joindre à lui pour gouverner Oz. Elle est tentée, mais refuse («Wonderful » - « Merveileux »).

Après s’êtres retrouvés dans la Cité d’Émeraude, Elphaba et Fiyero sont tombé amoureux et projettent de vivre ensemble (« As Long As You´re Mine » - « Tant que tu es à moi »). Elphaba a une vision troublante d’une maison volante et se précipite jusqu’à Munchkinland et découvre que Nessarose a été renversée. Glinda et Elphaba se confrontent et lorsque Fiyero cherche à s’interposer, une foule en colère lui fait prendre la fuite. Elphaba jure de devenir réellement maléfique (« No Good Deed » - « Aucune bonne action »), puisque ses bonnes intentions n’ont apporté que de la souffrance. Entre temps, les citoyens d’Oz se mettent en route pour la détruire (« March of the Witch Hunters » - « La marche des chasseurs de sorcière »).

Elphaba fuit la foule et trouve refuge dans le château de Fiyero, à Kiamo Ko. Glinda l’y retrouve et Elphaba sait que la foule arrivera bientôt. Elphaba confit à Glinda son grimoire, son livre de sorts, en gage de leur amitié et les deux filles admettent que leur amitié les a changé (« For Good » - « Pour le bien »).

Bien que la fin non dévoilée puisse sembler familière, rien n’est exactement comme il semble l’être dans le pays d’Oz…



让我们回到过去:年轻的艾法芭和她靠轮椅生活的妹妹楠萨罗斯是曼奇津大陆统治者的女儿。她们来到了施兹大学 (“亲爱的老施兹”)。由于女校长莫里波夫人邀请艾法芭去参加她的魔法课而没有邀请格林达,这两名女巫迅速结仇了。艾法芭兴奋惊奇的发现自己也许有学习魔法的天赋,并且想象着见到大魔法师会是什么样子的(“大魔法师和我”)。

施兹大学的学生们迅速适应了校园生活:互为室友的艾法芭和格林达都很厌恶彼此(“这是什么感觉?”)。格林达和其他学生很少注意他们的历史老师,迪拉蒙德博士,其实他是一只会说话的山羊。 在整个奥兹国,会说话的动物正在失去说话的能力,而只有艾法芭被这个警告所感到担忧。







在翡翠城的几次接触之后,艾法芭和费耶罗迅速坠入爱河并且计划着他们未来的生活(“只要你是我的”)。 艾法芭预见到一个令人不安的景象,一栋飞屋冲向曼奇津大陆,并且她知道了楠萨罗斯已经被打倒。格林达和艾法芭相互面对着对方;费耶罗试图阻止一个愤怒的暴徒并且把他赶走。艾法芭发誓要成为一名真正的坏女巫(“没有好事”),因为她的好心带来的只有痛苦。同时,奥兹国的公民开始摧毁她(“女巫猎人的前进”)。


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